Application by a New Club to Participate in NCSA League

In order to permit NCSA to review applications sufficiently and to prepare for the upcoming season, including timely registration and flighting of teams, generally only those applications submitted as follows will be considered:

between March 15 and May 31 for the upcoming Fall season and

between September 15 and November 30 for the upcoming Spring season.

If there is a reason why your application is being submitted beyond the usual application period, please include that in the comments section below.

Generally NCSA will evaluate whether the number and level of teams is consistent with the NCSA current program in determining whether to admit the club to participate in NCSA. As a general rule, a minimum of 3 teams is required. Location of your program and level of play are important considerations.

Please complete the following data fields for your application to be considered.

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  • - Please enter number of teams you wish to register next season in the applicable age column, and in the appropriate row for boys and girls teams.
  • - Please indicate the anticipated Play Level for each team expected to be registered. Use a rating of A, B, C, D or E, with A being the highest level and E being the lowest level (NCSA has more than 5 flights per age level, but this provides the necessary information). If you indicated that you expect to register more than one team in an age group, only indicate the play level of the higher level team � indicate the level of other teams in the comments section. If a team is comparable to teams in an existing NCSA flight based upon tournament or other competition, please include that also in the comments below.
  • - If the application is for the Fall season, but you expect to register U15 and above teams for Spring, please include those teams also in the list and comments.
  • - If you have additional teams in the club which will not register with NCSA, please indicate in the comments section what league they play and why those teams are not expected to be registered in NCSA.
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A member of the committee which reviews club applications to join NCSA will contact you. That member will report the information to the NCSA board for a decision. The board meets only once per month, so please be patient. If you have any questions or have additional information to share, please contact NCSA through its Administrative Assistant � you can find info on the �Contact Us� page, found through the link below.