NCSA - Age brackets for play groups for Season 2023 - 2024

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USSF Calendar Year Age Group. NCSA must follow the calendar year age group definitions established by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). US Club Soccer, along with all other youth USSF affiliated members, adopted the USSF mandate. NCSA is a US Club Soccer sanctioned league and therefore NCSA must comply.

Age Group Play Typically, players play at the youngest age level for which they are eligible. However, please note that under current US Club Soccer guidelines a player may "play up" in an age group older than that player's typical age group. (Example: A player eligible for a U13 team can be registered on a U14 or older team.) Under those same guidelines, a player may not play down" to an age group younger than that player's age group. (Example: A player eligible for a U13 team may not be registered to a U12 or younger team.) The check birthdate function produces the typical or youngest age group for that birthdate according to the chart below. PLEASE NOTE: Each club may set its own rules whether a player may be registered in an age group older than typical for that player's birthdate; no club is obligated to allow this even though US Club Soccer allows it.

Fall Play for U15 Players The U15 age group typically includes players in 8th grade as well as in high school. Every school district has its own cutoff date, so every age group typically has players in more than one grade. NCSA will continue to provide Fall play opportunity for those players in the U15 age group, whether players are in 8th grade or HS. NCSA offers flexibility in scheduling to allow these teams to play not in conflict with HS schedules.

U8 and Younger Players In keeping with the USSF mandate, effective Fall 2017 NCSA will no longer offer league play for U8 teams. USSF recommends they play 4v4 on smaller fields, with smaller goals, no goalkeepers, no referees and no tracking of scores; there is no reason for NCSA to be involved in such programs, although it will assist its clubs in coordinating any inter-club play if desired. U8 players may always play up on older teams, as currently, if the club permits it. A Club may register teams as U9 provided all players qualify as U9 or younger, even if all U8 or younger; the designation of such a team will be U9.

Play Group   Birthdate on or after ...
U 8   01/01/2016
U 9   01/01/2015
U 10   01/01/2014
U 11   01/01/2013
U 12   01/01/2012
U 13   01/01/2011
U 14   01/01/2010
U 15   01/01/2009
U 16   01/01/2008
U 17   01/01/2007
U 18   01/01/2006
U 19   01/01/2005

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