NCSA - Contact page


      By email (BEST METHOD) to our Administrative Assistant at

      By mail at PO Box 26, Ho Ho Kus, NJ 07423
      By phone through our Administrative Assistant at 201-857-0068

If you have question in a specific area, you can find the specific NCSA Board Member's or league official's contact information on our Board page at
REMEMBER: Teams belong to an age group defined by the birthdate of the oldest player on the team - you can check the proper age group by using our age group calculator at - once you know the age group, you can determine the appropriate division commissioner to contact - most questions about a specific team can best be answered by the division commissioner for that team's age group.


Games Conduct Committee (Handles appeals of Games Conduct Chair's decisions and discipline requiring Committee action per Rules of Competition)
John Soares

Judah Zeigler

New Clubs Committee (Reviews applications by Clubs to Join NCSA)
Jeff Schneider

Eric Beiter

Ben Neblock


IT Committee (Oversees upgrades/improvements to NCSA Website)
Jon Sorkenn

Mike Mahler

Bob Heinrich


      New Club Applications - contact Administrative Assistant or a member of the New Clubs Committee listed above
      Flighting - contact age group Division Commissioner
      Game Scheduling and cancellations - contact ALL Games Chairs be emailing
      Game Result issues - contact Division Commissioner
      Misconduct during games - contact Games Conduct Chair
      Fines/Fine appeals - contact whoever assessed the fine and the Administrative Assistant
      Fines payment - contact Treasurer and the Administrative Assistant
      Club Membership Status - contact Secretary
      Rules Interpretation and change requests - contact Rules Chair
      Referee assignment issues - contact the USSF Referee Assignors by emailing
      Referee issues (new, problems, etc.) - contact Referee Development Chair

      Website Performance Issues - contact Webmaster

      Website Enhancement Suggestions - contact Webmaster and IT Committee listed above