NCSA Cup Overview

NCSA Cup Tournament Standings are Online!

All NCSA Cup Tournament standings are now available online.

Standings will be updated as matches are played and teams progress through the various tournament rounds.

To find your bracket, simply click on your NCSA Cup Tournament flight in the table below, and you'll be taken to the bracket page for that flight.

Champions Cup Commissioners Cup


New Format - Now ALL Teams are Competitive!


We've completely revamped the NCSA Cup Tournament Format, to ensure that as many teams as possible can participate:


  • *Two NCSA Cup Divisions:
    • -Champions Division (for those in league flights A-C)
    • -Commissioners Division (for all other flights)
  • *Two games guaranteed: This is the first year that each participating team will play at least two (2) tournament matches.
  • *Games across fall AND spring seasons: Our new format includes NCSA Cup rounds which take place during both the fall and spring seasons - so your teams get extra opportunities throughout the soccer year!
  • *Reasonable tournament registration fee: The cost of $155 per team makes the NCSA Cup tournament one of the most cost-effective tournament options for your team AND your club.
  • *Register and pay online: To register one or more teams (Club Presidents/Club Reps can register multiple teams), simply click on "NCSA Cup Registration" in the left-hand menu of the NCSA website.


NCSA Cup Summary

  • *Final round will be hosted at Ramapo College - June 8 and 9, 2024.
  • *U8 Festival will be hosted mid-day during the Cup Finals at Ramapo College
  • *All cup games except final rounds are scheduled by the two competing teams (only requirement is "play-by" date for that round)
  • *Cup games cannot interfere with league games, which always take precedence
  • *Referee fees are paid by participating teams, like League games (Championship day referee fees are covered by NCSA)


NCSA Cup General General Rules and Procedures


General Rules

  • *Game length is the same as regular NCSA games
  • *Tie-breakers:
    • -Single-elimination round: If non-Championship match is tied at the end of regulation - goes right to PKs
    • -Double-elimination round: If both teams are tied (i.e. one game won by each), match wil go right to PKs. NOTE: Game one of a double-elimination round can end end in a tie.
  • *Championship game will have two (2) 5-minute "no golden goal" overtime periods, then to PKs
  • *Players on a Cup roster MUST also be registered on an NCSA League team in the current season - no exceptions
  • *Players can only play on one (1) NCSA Cup roster
  • *There are NO play-ups in the NCSA Cup, NO exceptions


Pre-Tourney/First Round Procedures

  • *All matchups and first home/away games are randomized and then created as TBS games
  • *Once TBS games are created teams need to work together to find a suitable time/day for the games; please be flexible in prioritizing the game date vs. your need to be the home team)
  • *When scheduling, give yourself as much advance time to play the game to avoid issues (availability, weather, etc.). It is VERY difficult to extend play-by dates
  • *Matchups and tournament results will be posted on the NCSA website. Typical Standings menu will not display tournament results
  • *Any appeals will be considered but most likely will NOT adjust results with few exceptions: violating player rules, no card-no play, no game day docs, etc.


Post Game/Subsequent Games Procedures

  • *eMail will go out within 24 hours of your game result.  Winner of game and your next round opponent will be emailed providing next steps (i.e., congratulatory, matchup, next round play-by, etc.)
  • *Immediately begin working on scheduling the game and follow normal NCSA League scheduling rules and procedures
  • *Any questions go directly to NCSA Cup Commissioner and NCSA Administrator. You are encouraged to contact your Club President and/or Club Rep first, as they typically have most answers. Questions should be emailed to


Championship Finals Procedures

  • *Championship Day is on June 8, 2024 at Ramapo College - Mahwah, NJ
  • *Games are scheduled and organized by Ramapo College; as such, we cannot honor any special requests
  • *All referee fees on this day are covered by NCSA
  • *Trophies/Medal awards are presented post game at the Cup HQ tent
  • *ALL coaches/players ARE REQUIRED to meet at the HQ tent post game for awards ceremony (sportsmanship is and should be required - PLEASE support)
  • *Check-in for games are treated like NCSA League games and are done so at your assigned field; no need to check-in at the Cup HQ tent
  • *Normal game procedures used (MatchDay form, Roster, Player/Coach cards) - NO FORMS - NO CARDS - NO PLAY

Additional Key Notes

  • *Plan ahead - poor planning can't be a reason Cup matches aren't played
  • *Please do not count on "play by" date extensions; while we do our best to accommodate special circumstances, these need to be rare exceptions.

NCSA Cup 2023-2024 Play-By Dates will be different for each division; check your NCSA bracket division for the play-by dates (the "TBS" dates).

NOTE:  Some brackets may not have enough teams to have all rounds, so the teams in those brackets may notice play-by dates adjusted (i.e., their first game played by the Round 2 play-by date)


Coaches/Clubs: Next Steps Prior to First NCSA Cup Game

  • *Verify that your team(s) is created correctly - look at NCSA site, Teams and Coaches ('XB' flight is the NCSA Champions Cup team designation and "XW" flight is the NCSA Commissioners Cup designation)
  • *Must submit in a NCSACup roster - even if you sent in a NCSA League roster - you MUST send a NCSA Cup roster
  • *Make sure as a coach you can log into the NCSA site and can see your Cup team.  Many coaches have one or more teams, and if you have a NCSA Cup team you will/should see that team as well.  If not, please reach out to your Clup President/Club Rep
  • *During the NCSA Cup, keep checking the NCSA site for your next game, which will always be created as a TBS game.  At times, the NCSA Cup email may accidentally miss you!

We wish all teams the best of luck in the 2023/2024 NCSA Cup Tournament!