About Us

NCSA was formed in 1973, with the purpose of providing a forum for quality youth soccer. What began with several clubs from the Northern Bergen County area such as Torpedoes and Americans along with a handful of other Northern Jersey clubs like Montclair and Thistle has expanded to about 80 clubs stretching from the Hudson River to Sussex County and from Orange County NY to Union County NJ.

Our aim is still to provide quality youth soccer. The enormous interest in the game combined with the desire for kids to participate has spurred growth of the league to about 1,100 teams in the spring of 2015. NCSA offers premier level flights at every age group and provides many additional flights for children to hone their skills and work to move their game to a higher level. Many of NCSA's clubs offer professional training and coaching, resulting in higher quality levels at all ages.

In addition to the quality of play, NCSA sets itself apart by offering the highest quality of operational administration by a league. This website is not a posting of content that becomes outdated 5 minutes after posting. Rather, it is connected to an active database yielding current information. Schedule changes are visible as soon as accepted by the league. Match results and standings are updated automatically as soon as the coaches enter scores. Referee assignments are made and accepted online with clubs being able to know that games will have officials. Current information is critical in today's electronic society.

NCSA strives to serve our clubs as efficiently as possible to help the many volunteers who make this league a success. Let us know if we can assist you in your efforts.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Northern Counties Soccer Association is to allow development of youth soccer players. This is done by providing and administering a schedule of matches among our member clubs and by promoting the sport and a creating a passion for soccer in keeping with the motto, "Enjoy The Beautiful Game".

In order to accomplish this goal we, the Board of Northern Counties, will:

  • Provide and administer Youth (19 and under) Soccer programs at all levels of play and for both genders.
  • Promote the development of soccer excellence for all players, through competition and training programs.
  • Communicate with and assist our member clubs to promote soccer among its constituents and to the public in general.
  • Help to train and mentor all coaches in our league.
  • Educate member clubs, coaches, administrators and players' families through our outreach program.
  • Strive to provide the best referee program possible to support fair play in our league.
  • Comply with state and federal requirements for operation as a non-profit corporation.