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Effective Spring 2016 season there is a new procedure for US Club passes and rosters for all NCSA teams:

Clubs will print their own US Club passes for coaches and players for use in NCSA games. 

NCSA will be placing watermarks on the NCSA rosters for all teams playing in the Spring 2016 season.

Player/Coach Passes:

-The request and approval process will not change.  All passes must be requested through the KYCK system and will be approved by US Club.

-Player and Coach passes must be requested under the NCSA Competition in order to access an official NCSA Roster AND to request passes without a charge.  (Instructions in full procedure checklist document here.)

-Once approved, the passes will be printed by the club through the KYCK website. (Video tutorial online here.)

-Any paper can be used. (The NCSA watermark is no longer required.)

-The passes must be laminated individually in the folded format as in the past.

-Passes from the Fall 2015 season (with the NCSA watermark) are still valid for game use.

-Clubs will determine who will print passes for the teams (registrar, coach, manager, etc.).  The individual with the role of Registrar in KYCK regulates access and permissions for each user in the club.   (Information online here.)

Team Rosters:

-A club representative will email a PDF of the NCSA roster for each team to the league (

-The league will place a watermark on the PDF and email a copy back to the club.

-The club will print the roster or provide the PDF file to the team’s representative to print for game use.


- The same roster may be printed multiple times for use at games.  However, if any player is added or their card status changed a new roster must be submitted to the league for watermarking.

-Note: An individual with “No Card” by their name cannot play regardless of whether or not they have a physical pass.

-Note: Access to rosters in KYCK is part of the staff permissions set by the club’s KYCK registrar.

The full procedure is outlined here.  Please use this checklist as a guide as the procedure MUST be followed in order to receive the watermarked roster for game use.

Player/Coach Suspensions:

The basic procedure for handling red cards and suspensions will remain the same as previous seasons.  However, because clubs are able to print passes on their own, some adjustments were necessary.

When a player or coach is issued a red card, all coaches in that game (including any red carded coach) are responsible (a) to notify the club’s president and club representative of the red card and (b) not to permit that red-carded player or coach to participate in any NCSA game until the decision by the Games Conduct Committee (GCC) is issued and the suspension is served. If a red-carded coach holds a pass for more than one club, the coach is responsible to tell all clubs about the red card/suspension as the suspension applies to all passes held by the coach.

The club is responsible to monitor the NCSA Caution/Ejection report and to insure that (a) its coaches comply with the notice provision above and (b) that the player or coach does not participate until the decision by the GCC is issued and the suspension is served.

The league will notify the assigned referee(s) of all suspensions for the upcoming game.  The referee is responsible to check the game paperwork to determine if the suspended coach/player participates.  Within 4 hours of the end of that game or the end of the referee’s games that date, the referee will email the league to inform the league of the player/coach’s non-participation.   

If a suspended player participates in a NCSA game, a fine of $250 will be assessed to the club and a five-game suspension will be assessed to the head coach of the team.  

If a suspended coach participates in a NCSA game, a fine of $250 will be assessed to the club and an additional five-game suspension for the suspended coach will be assessed. 

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