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  Fall 2016 Rules of Competition Updates

There have been some updates to the NCSA Rules of Competition that will take effect with the start of the Fall 2016 season.  The updated rules document with all changes highlighted has been posted in several places on the website, including in the Forms Download page and Clubs Documents page.


Many of the changes are simply wording adjustments or modifications made so that the rules reflect the actual practices of the league.  While you should take note of ALL changes on the posted documents, below you will find a short summary of the more notable updates:


Sections 3.3.3-3.3.5: Registration and Payment of Registration Fees: These sections have been updated to create a more specific outline of registration and payment deadlines.  The league will send a reminder out regarding these new deadlines when Spring registration season begins.


Section 3.4: Because of issues with incorrectly registered teams the league has updated this section to include the policy regarding incorrectly registered teams, including the associated fees and fines. 


Section 3.8.1: Player or Coach Presenting Pass Not for That Person/NO Pass:  This is a new section created to address issues with un-carded players and coaches participating in NCSA games.  The league takes these violations very seriously and clubs (including coaches and players) will face serious suspensions and fines if they are found to have allowed an uncarded coach or player to participate in a NCSA game.


Section 5.1.1: NCSA Cup rules have been added for easy reference.


Section 5.3.6: Local Field Condemnation: The home team must NOT notify Games Chairs of the field closing until it has been determined that no alternate scheduling will occur.  When the home team notifies the league that the field is condemned and that games are not being played, it is also certifying that there will be no alternate scheduling of the game on the same date.


5.3.11: Late Game Cancellation or Change: 5.3.11 Late Game Cancellation or Change

If a scheduled game is cancelled late (after the deadline in 5.3.9 Monday 11:00 am for weekend games and 5 days in advance for weekday games), it is the home team’s responsibility to show up to field and pay the referees the full game fee. If the home team does not show up to field to pay the referees, and referee files unpaid referee fee claim with league, a $75 additional fee per unpaid referee is charged to home team no matter which team caused postponement. If the visiting team caused the late cancellation or change, then upon request of the home team club to the division commissioner, games chairs and NCSA Treasurer, NCSA will charge the referee fee to the visiting team’s club and credit the home team’s club; this adjustment does NOT apply to the fees for not showing up to pay the referees at the field, which is always the home team’s responsibility.


5.12.1 Zero Tolerance Policy: This new section is a direct response to the concern over the behavior of coaches during games, specifically towards referees, which has gotten worse over the last few seasons.  This is a reminder that FIFA rules prohibit dissent of any type (by word or action), even if the coach is right.  Coaches and clubs may express their opinions, concerns, etc. regarding officiating using the referee evaluation report online.


9.1.a Registration Fees:  Fees have been updated to reflect the addition of U15 teams in the fall season.


9.2 Referee Fees: As was announced in the Spring to clubs, the referee fees have been adjusted to match the fees of other leagues in our area.


Again, these are just a summary of the largest updates.  Please take the time to review ALL of the Rules of Competition so that you are familiar with them, especially the highlighted changes.

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