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  Earlier Deadline For Weekly Game Changes
The board of the Northern Counties Soccer Association voted recently to change the deadline for upcoming weekend game changes and/or additions to Monday at 11:00AM. (Game changes for all other dates remains 5 days in advance.) It is necessary to get extra time for the Games Chairs and Referee Assignors to administer everything that needs to be done to get games scheduled and referees assigned each week. You all should by now have seen the crawl on our web site making reference to this new 11:00AM deadline. Please know it's permanent and there will be no exceptions for any late matches. If information is not received on time, games will have to be played after the upcoming weekend, either midweek or on another weekend, or with substantial fees as stated in the Rules of Competition if a game to be added is placed late. It is your responsibility as club officials for the NCSA to communicate and enforce this requirement with your coaches. If someone other than the club president, representative or alternate representative (all of whom are receiving this) is responsible for scheduling TBS or added games, please provide this email to him or her.

The NCSA has experienced enormous growth on a steady basis for the last 15 years. This spring we have 1019 teams, which is 110 more teams then last spring, a huge 12% icrease. We pride ourselves in being the best administered league in the state. Rarely do we have a referee miss an assignment and our system is so well designed we almost never have a scheduling conflict that we don't catch, recognize and correct upfront. Gains like this tell us most people are satisfied with what we do. We have researched our growth. While we have new friends from new clubs that have joined us, 97% o the growth of the NCSA has been internal and generated by the majority of clubs who have been with us for a good length of time.

The volume in the number of teams we handle for game changes plus additions to the schedule along with the fact we have at least 50 to 70 more games per Sunday makes it impossible to pull all of this together without more time. This letter itself was going to be sent earlier, except since the middle of February we have been working non-stop to get the season off the ground under very difficult circumstances. The time needed for placing games to the schedule and the managing the massive jigsaw puzzle of getting matches assigned to the referees has increased dramatically. So more time is required to do an even bigger job than we have ever had to administer before.

It is mandatory that for games to be accepted, they must line-up in order with no GAPS in the schedule. No exceptions. This is true not only for Sundays but for Saturdays as well. We realize on Saturdays that because of both player and field availability, the majority of games get placed in the 4-8PM window. This puts a tremendous strain on our ability to provide referees and full crews where they are needed. It's the most difficult window to cover each spring. Please do not forget that.

At this time there are over 650 TBS games that must be scheduled and that is if not one other game gets postponed between now and June 7. That averages to an extra 85 games per week with 8 weeks of play remaining. And it does not count numerous non-league and State Cup games. Your coaches must be proactive for all games they are involved with, especially with State Cup. Telling us you sent an e-mail and didn't get an answer does not absolve you from your responsibility. To save late fees, phone calls need to be made. If you don't get a response, contact the other team's club rep or president if need be.
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