Board of Directors and Commissioners

League Office
P.O. Box 26
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423
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  Title Name Email Address Phone Fax
  President John Soares   862-223-8085    
  Vice President Dennis Burns   201-512-1922   866-286-8335  
  Secretary/Web Master Ed Seavers   201-315-3711   201-251-4256  
  Treasurer Ray Magi   914-391-8536   914-358-3515  
  Co-Games Chair Carl Dietze   201-825-1045   201-825-2452  
  Co-Games Chair Terri Poggi   201-848-7807    
  Co-Games Chair Ed Seavers   201-315-3711   201-251-4256  
  Games Conduct Chair John Duffell   917-494-9205    
  NCSA CUP Commissioner Eric Beiter   201-841-1629    
  Rules Chair Dennis Burns   201-512-1922   866-286-8335  
  Referee Compliance Coordinator George Sanchez   201-460-4947    
  Referee Development Coodinator John Evans   973-357-3669    
  Division Comm, Boys 1 & 2 (U15-19) Rui DosSantos   973-204-9226    
  Division Comm, Boys 3 (U13-14) Jon Sorkenn   201-446-4923    
  Division Comm, Boys 4 (U11-U12) Michael Mahler   201-970-8633    
  Division Comm, Boys 5 (U9-10) Terri Poggi   201-848-7807    
  Division Comm, Girls 1 & 2 (U15-19) Jeff Schneider   201-930-0355   201-930-0355  
  Division Comm, Girls 3 (U13-14) Robert Heinrich   (201)-328-4054    
  Division Comm, Girls 4 (U11-U12) Eric Beiter   201-841-1629    
  Division Comm, Girls 5 (U9-10) Jeff Schneider   201-930-0355   201-930-0355  
  President Emeritus Randy Brown   201-503-8146   201-503-8146  
  Administrative Assistant Karen Huber   201-857-0068   201-857-0873  


If you are not sure who to contact, additional information can be found at the "Contact Us" page (the link is found in the footer of every NCSA page or go to That page contains a list of topics/areas of interest and the appropriate person(s) to contact. Included on that list also are all standing NCSA Committees on topics such as New Club Applications, Games Conduct and IT.

If you are still not sure who to contact, please email the Administrative Assistant, who will forward your inquiry to the correct person(s).