USSF/USCC Mandates - Fall 2017

USSFS / USCC Mandates – Being implemented Fall 2017:

 Fall Team and Field Sizes U8:

  • NCSA will not offer U8 4 v 4 competition
  • NCSA will continue to allow players to play in older age group, applies to full teams as well


Fall Team and Field Sizes U9-U10:

  • 7 v 7
  • Field Size (yards):

Length 55 – 65

Width 35 – 50

  • Game Time:

2 x 30

  • Goal Size (feet):

Min: 12 x 6

Max 18 x 6.5 – 7

  • Roster Size: 14
  • Referee(s): yes (1)
  • Build out line: yes
  • The build out line is used to promote playing the ball out the back in an unpressured setting
  • When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during play or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line
  • Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass or throw / roll the ball to a teammate (no punting)
  • After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal
  • The build out line should be equidistant between the penalty area line and the halfway line
  • If goalkeeper punts the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team form the spot of the offense
  • If the punt occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred
  • The build out line will also be used to denote where the offside offenses can be called
  • Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the building out line
  • Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line


 Fall Team and Field Sizes U11-U12:

  • 9 v 9
  • Field Size (yards):

Length 70 - 80

Width 45 – 55

  • Game Time:

2 x 35

  • Goal Size (feet):

Min: 18 x 6.5 - 7

Max 21 x 7

  • Roster Size: 16
  • Referee(s): yes (3)
  • Build out line: no

For Fall 2017 Team and Field Size summary, please click here.

For the full NCSA Presidents Forum presentation, please click here.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: NCSA has modified and hopefully simplified the Build Out Line Rule for U9-10 play based upon the first 4 weeks of experience with the rule.  The new language has been inserted into the Rules of Competition and uploaded into the forms section for continued access.  For your convenience, the new language is as follows:

5.10.1 Build Out Line for U9/U10, 7 v 7 Group Play

The build-out line as defined by US Soccer promotes playing the ball out of the back in a less pressured setting.  The build out line is subject to the following rules within NCSA:


The build out line is to be placed halfway between the center line and the penalty area line.  It may be (a) painted at the touchline or extended by a dashed line across the field (preferably in a different color than the field lines) or (b) marked by low cones, flat soft and pliable markers or flags at least one yard off the field from the touchline. If no markers are provided by the host club, then the referee shall designate the build out line in any reasonable manner other than painting.


The build out line on the attacking part of the field replaces the halfway line as the point behind which a player cannot be in an offside position.


The team not taking the goal kick must retreat behind the build out line on a goal kick.  The team taking the goal kick may not take the goal kick until the opposing team has moved behind the build out line.  The opposing team may not come past the build out line until the ball is in play, meaning the ball has left the penalty area.


The opposing team must retreat behind the build out line on a keeper save.  The keeper is permitted to wait until the opposing team does so and the 6 second limitation on keeper possession does not start until the opposing team retreats behind the build out line.  The opposing team, having moved behind the build out line, may cross the build out line once the keeper releases the ball from in hand possession.


The opposing team must always make a good faith effort to retreat behind the build out line on a keeper save.  The keeper is permitted to release the ball from in hand possession before the opponents retreat behind the build out line.  In such cases, the opponents may not challenge the ball until (a) the keeper has placed the ball at his or her feet or (b) the keeper has released the ball to a teammate and the teammate has had an opportunity to receive the ball without pressure.  In such cases, the opponent need not retreat behind the build out line before becoming involved with play.


If an opponent violates the prohibitions above on a goal kick or keeper release, the referee must stop play and award an IFK at the spot of the infraction to the team entitled to the protections of the build out line rule.


The goalkeeper may not punt or drop kick the ball.  If the keeper does so, the referee must stop play and award an IFK to the opposing team from the spot of the infraction, subject to Law 13.


Normal FK distance rules apply.  The build out line is not applicable to free kicks.


If you have encountered a situation not covered by this rule revision, please let your division commissioner know. 

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NCSA is pleased to present the new design of  its website together with some new functionality to enhance the use of its public pages on mobile devices.

Highlights of the changes are:

·        The logo (new from the contest last year), page design and background have been updated.

·        The display of articles on the various landing pages (Home, Coaches, Parents, Players, Club, Referee, and Board Pages) have been updated to be more easily readable and to allow for more articles.  This will allow us to offer more content specific articles on various topics and maintain the information for a longer period of time.  The entire article will appear in a pop-up that may be closed when completed, leaving you on the same starting page.

·        The ticker near the top of the page has been updated to allow for multiple, sequential messages in a new format.

·        The entire format of the site has been designed so as to be responsive to the size of the screen on which it is being displayed, making it mobile friendly.  Information is displayed in a tiled format, making it more easily readable on mobile devices, and eliminating the need to scroll across the displayed page.

·        Location of menus on mobile devices will differ as a result: a MENU button appears in the upper right of the screen, which you click to access both the public and post-login (if applicable) menu; once a menu item is selected, the menu is hidden and can be accessed again from the menu button.

·        The Club Information, Schedules and Standings sections (middle 3 top tabs as displayed on a full size device) have been the focus of the redesign in how the information is displayed.  In particular, these sections will display appropriately and proportionately for the size of the device being used so as to provide the data in a much more readable display on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

·        Some post-login pages will display more proportionately, but some “original” functions will be better or only accessible from full size devices.  While clearly important, these functions account for a very small percentage of use of the website and will be addressed as soon as possible.

According to Google Analytics, peak usage of the website is on game days.  On a typical Spring Sunday, there are about 50,000 page views by about 5,000 users; while those numbers decrease for the non-game days, the same general pattern continues for which pages are accessed .  Approximately 85% of people use the site without a login and primarily to access game schedules, standings, fields and directions, and coach contact information.  In order to benefit the greatest number of users, we concentrated on providing schedule, standings, coach contact information and field and directions information in a format more easily readable on mobile devices.

Primary game day login users are coaches for Match Day Forms and to report scores as well as referees to check assignments and complete match reports.  We still recommend that post-login functions are performed on full size devices, although coach score reporting should work well from the field immediately after the game on most mobile devices.

 It is possible that a user will encounter an issue with how the website is designed to work, most likely post-login where we could not test all functions.  The programmers corrected conflicting older coding in numerous functions and we have tested these functions extensively; however, there is really no alternative to the rigors of multi-user, wide-ranging live access with the current season.  We are promoting the new design/functions before an off week to minimize disruption.  However, if you do find any function in the public or post-login pages that is not working correctly or as previously, please let us know by emailing the Webmaster at

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Fall 2017 NCSA Flight Winners


Flight Flight Winner (Team) Co-Champs
B9A Torpedoes-Petruzzi  
B9BB Glen Rock-Mayer  
B9BW Hoboken-DeCock Ironbound-Soares
B9CB South Hackensack-Rios  
B9CW Bayonne-Chiaravalloti  
B9DB Warriors-DelRay  
B9DW Glen Ridge-Jordan  
B9EB New Milford-DelVecchio  
B9EW Belleville-Ramirez  
B9F Lodi-Vargas  
B9G Ironbound-Tavares  
B9HB Torpedoes-Boothby  
B9HW Arsenal-Thomas  
B10A Ironbound-DaSilva  
B10BB Tenafly-Levine  
B10BW West Orange-Deleon  
B10CB South Hackensack-Serrano  
B10CW Glen RIdge-Arnett  
B10DB Montclair-Reilly  
B10DW North Rockland-Glasheen  
B10EB New Milford-Langschultz  
B10EW WorldClass-JeanCharles  
B10F Tenafly-Rico Arsenal-Gross
B11A Ironbound-Pernas  
B11B Nutley-Ditaranto  
B11BB Torpedoes-Gjoca  
B11BW Lyndhurst-Dasler  
B11C CougarUtd-Mehlbrech  
B11CB GlenRidge-Kleinberg  
B11CW Teaneck-Margolin  
B11DB Clarkstown-Bushbacher  
B11DW Mahwah-Fitzsimmons  
B11E WorldClass-Hurtado  
B11EB West Essex-Sayers  
B11F Mahwah-Crandon  
B12AB Maroons-Zegarra  
B12AW CougarSC-Schwartz  
B12BB FtLee-Lee  
B12BW Riverdell-Musano  
B12CB GlenRidge-Arnett  
B12CW WorldClass-Miller  
B12DB Clarkstown-Fernandez  
B12DW Sportfriends-Giovatto  
B12E Tenafly-Twiss  
B13A Maroons - Gough  
B13B Cougars United - Zeigher  
B13CB Jersey City - DePaz  
B13CW South Hackensack - Jimenez  
B13DB Ridgefield Park - Pollard  
B13DW North Arlington - Alvarez  
B13E Maywood - Shea  
B14A Hoboken - Sanchez  
B14B Clarkstown - Fitzpatrick  
B14CB North Bergen - Garcia  
B14CW Ajax - Buttavavoli  
B14D Rockland - Haley  
B14E Teaneck - Beidleman  
B15A Americans-B15A-Flynn  
B15B Fairview-B15B-PONCE  
B15C Hotspur-B15C-Peller  
B15D Dumont=B15D-Joyce  
B15DW WayneBG-B15DW-Funiciello  
Flight Flight Winner (Team) Co-Champs
G9A WayneBG-Baldino  
G9B Torpedoes-Klecha  
G9CB CougarUtd-Spelbrink  
G9CW WestEssex-Howe  
G9D Torpedoes-Gotthardt  
G9EB NoRockland-Mavrorasakis  
G9EW Lyndhurst-Amaral  
G9F NoArlington-ODonnell Emerson-Wanvig
G9G NoRockland-Morisco  
G10A WorldClassFC-Jacobs  
G10BB Americans-Vega  
G10BW Arsenal-Hirsch  
G10C FairLawnAllSports-Rubin  
G10DB Bayonne-Galano  
G10DW RYSA-Frederick  
G10EB Mahwah-Cullington  
G10EW Montclair-Anzaldi  
G11A Thistle-G11A-Natosi  
G11B SilverLakeAcademy-G11B-Mendez  
G11CB Bergenfield-G11CB-Acosta  
G11CW Clarkstown-G11CW-LoPresti  
G11D Mahwah-G11D-Monks  
G11E SaddleBR-G11E-Scaglione  
G11F Ironbound-G11F-Ruela  
G12A Torpedoes-G12A-Farr  
G12B GlenRock-G12B-Pappalardo  
G12C Americans-G12C-Mamunes  
G12DB NoArlington-G12DB-Guerreiro  
G12DW Teaneck-G12DW-AlShehab  
G12EB RiverDell-G12EB-Raimondi  
G12EW Maywood-G12EW-Taylor  
G13A NoRockland-G13A-Hanchar  
G13BB Ajax-G13BB-Buttacavoli  
G13BW Nutley-G13BW-Jelley  
G13CB SaddleBR-G13CB-McGuire  
G13CW RamapoValley-G13CW-Corini  
G13D Mahwah-G13D-Rodriguez  
G13E Teaneck-G13E-Lois  
G14A Bergenfield-G14A-Pasigan  
G14B Secaucus-G14B-McStowe  
G14C Ajax-G14C-Buttacavoli  
G14D WOrange-G14D-Pappano  
G14E Hotspur-G14E-DeMeo  
G15A Spartan-Puentes  
G15B RYSA-Wowkun  
G15C Emerson-Quinones  
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