In Memoriam – TERRI POGGI

NCSA Board Member Theresa “Terri” Poggi passed away on April 12, 2019. She tirelessly volunteered since 2010 for the benefit of the league, its clubs and especially its players. She currently served as Co-Games Chair and as Division 5 (U9-10) Boys Commissioner, responsible for the largest group of teams in NCSA.

Terri picture


Many will also remember Terri as Club Representative for the Torpedoes Soccer Club, a position she held for many years before and while serving on the NCSA Board. Both the NCSA Board and the Torpedoes will have huge shoes to fill to handle the duties she performed so effortlessly and always with a smile.

The NCSA Board, on behalf of its members and its clubs, thanks the Poggi family for sharing Terri with us all these years. All of us will miss her.

Information about visitation and funeral services can be found at


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USClub/SportsEngine Registration-Fall 2019



Dear US Club Soccer member,

We're excited to announce the new US Club Soccer National Registration System (NRS), powered by SportsEngine, has launched for the 2019-20 Governing Season (July 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020).

A two-phase approach is being taken


PHASE 1 - Available now

Starting today, we encourage each organization's primary registrar to take the following steps

  • Familiarize yourself with the training resources.The full training suite is available here, which includes an overview of key registration steps, membership eligibility requirements, links to videos and help articles in the NRS, and other items to note. Additional resources and a comprehensive registration tutorial video will be added by July 1.
  • Access your organization's SportsEngine HQ account here. US Club Soccer's NRS is located within SportsEngine HQ. If you are a primary registrar who has not yet accessed your account, you may do so using your KYCK Play credentials. If you are unable to access your account, see the Contact/Helpsection below.
  • Verify that your club's players and staff have migrated. Players and staff that held a valid passcard on or after January 1, 2018 have been migrated from KYCK Play to SportsEngine HQ. Click herefor details. For a refresher on how to verify your migration, please watch this video.
  • Assign permissions/roles to others, as needed.A person must be assigned the Org Admin or Governing Season Admin role to work in the NRS. If your organization is new to SportsEngine HQ, your primary registrar has been assigned the Org Admin role and is, therefore, able to assign roles to others. Click here for details.
  • Submit players and staff on teams to US Club Soccer's 2019-20 Governing Season.The three methods - import, manual add, or SE Sync - are addressed in this instructional video and this help article. As part of this process, you will also assign teams to a US Club Soccer Governing Division (ex: 14U - Female - Competitive) and request team affiliation with your league, if any. For clarification, migrated players and staff need to be added to teams within the Governing Season.
  • Staff background screenings.While a more automated experience will be available July 1 upon purchase of memberships, those who want to get a head start may do so now. Visit the Staff Registration web page for details.


PHASE 2 - Available July 1

On July 1, US Club Soccer membership (passcard) functionality will be available, which includes the following:

  • Purchase memberships for players and staff.
  • Add proof of birth (POB) documentation for new players.This is not necessary for anyone that migrated from KYCK Play. This step may be completed by the registrar upon membership purchase, but functionality will also exist to allow the player's parent to directly upload the POB for US Club Soccer verification.
  • Complete membership eligibility requirements via direct integrations.This is particularly beneficial for staff. The person for whom a membership is purchased will receive an email with individualized links to complete outstanding membership eligibility requirements (ex: background screening, SafeSport training, Sideline Sports Doc training). Completed requirements will then be automatically reflected in the NRS.
  • Monitor membership eligibility status.You will also be able to send automated reminder emails with individualized links to complete outstanding requirements.
  • Print passcards and Official Rosters.


Contact / Help 
For technical assistance (ex: unable to access your account, player or staff migration issues, etc.), contact your SportsEngine Transition Specialist at (888) 655-3498 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

Additionally, SportsEngine's Customer Support is available for assistance during the following hours:

  • Monday-Friday | 8am-7pm CST
  • Saturday/Sunday/Holidays | 9am-6pm CST

For other US Club Soccer registration or administrative assistance, please contact your respective US Club Soccer membership administrator.

We'll continue to provide more information and training resources as we prepare for the next season. Thanks for your time!


Thanks for your time. 

US Club Soccer & SportsEngine

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2019 Spring Cup Winners

Another year, another great day!

Thank you to all who participated.

Congratulations to all the 2019 Spring Cup Winners!!!!


Division Team
BU9 Glen Rock
BU10 Hoboken
BU11 Northern Valley
BU12 Jersey City
BU13 Wayne B&G
BU14 Dragons
BU15 RiverDell
GU9 North Rockland
GU10 Arsenal
GU11 Torpedoes
GU12 Warriors
GU13 Torpedoes
GU14 Ramapo Valley
GU15 Wayne B&G
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Fall 2018 NCSA Flight Winners


Flight Winner (Team)
BU9A Torpedoes-BU9A-Boothby
BU9BB Hoboken-BU9BB-Sauer
BU9BW Torpedoes-BuU9BW-Bowden
BU9C Aviators-BU9C-Ferdinand / SHack-BU9C-Serrano
BU9CB NoRockland-BU9CB-Henery
BU9CW Warriors-BU9CW-DelRay
BU9D RiverDell-BU9D-RuizDeSomocurcio
BU9E FairlawnAllSports-BU9E-Bradway
BU9EB Tenafly-BU9EB-Roman
BU9EW Sportfriends-BU9EW-Emery
BU9F Ironbound-BU9F-Liborio
BU9G SFL-BU9G-Corazza
BU10A Hoboken-BU10A-Fletcher
BU10B WestEssex-BU10B-Demarco
BU10C RiverDell-BU10C-Viscardi
BU10CB Hoboken-BU10CB-Kelly
BU10CW Lodi-BU10CW-Vargas
BU10DB GlenRock-BU10DB-Rooney
BU10DW Harrison-BU10DW-Palumbo
BU10E Nutley-BU10E-Schoch
BU10EW Torpedoes-BU10EW-Gjoca
BU10F Vikings-BU10F-Wielemaker
BU11A CougarUtd- BU11A-Cristantiello
BU11BB Worange-BU11BB-Tsettos
BU11BW Thistle-BU11BW-Mariniello
BU11C Warriors-BU11C-Kasperowicz
BU11CB CougarSC-BU11CB-Heney
BU11CW Montclair-BU11CW-Carroll
BU11D Torpedoes-BU11D-Bowden
BU11DB Fairview-BU11DB-Fuentes
BU11DW NewMilford-BU11DW-Calderon and Hotspur-BU11DW-Daley
BU11E Aviators-BU11E-Kelly
BU11F Maroons-BU11F-Browne
BU12A JerseyCity-BU12A-DePaz
BU12BB Belleville-BU12BB-Abreu
BU12BW Teaneck-BU12BW-Serbe
BU12C Ironbound-BU12C-Oliveira
BU12CB WestEssex-BU12CB-Foodim
BU12CW WestOrange-BU12CW-James
BU12D Englewood-BU12D-Rendon
BU12DB Hoboken-BU12DB-Tuckman
BU12DW Rockland-BU12DW-Lynch
BU12EB WayneBG-BU12EB-Solter
BU12EW Woodridge-BU12EW-Vazquez
BU13A SCVistula-B13A-Sala
BU13B Spartan-B13B-Linder
BU13CB Verona-B13CB-Moore
BU13CW Rockland-B13CW-Clancy
BU13D Livingston-B13D-Hershkin
BU13E Thistle-B13E-Almeida
BU14A Maroons-B14A-Gough
BU14BB NorthBergen-B14BB-Morenouribe
BU14BW RamapoValley-B14BW-Galvis
BU14C RYSA-B14C-Kutnesov and GlenRock-BU14C-Lauk
BU14D SouthHackensack-B14D-Carangui
BU14E Stingrays-B14E-Nylander
BU15A NoValley-B15A-Sullivan
BU15B Torpedoes-B15B-Taranto
BU15C ElmwoodPk-B15C-Meneses
Flight Winner (Team)
GU9A Verona-G09A-Scott
GU9B GlenRock-G09B-Blount and RYSA-GU9B-Maiella
GU9C NoRockland-G09C-Morisco
GU9D Tenafly-G09D-Bloom
GU9E FairLawnAllSports-G09E-Allen
GU9F SaddleBR-G09F-Guedes
GU10A WayneBG-G10A-Baldino
GU10BB Torpedoes-G10BB-Terkowski
GU10BW Tenafly-G10BW-Neuman and Montclair-GU10BW-Motherway
GU10C Vikings-G10C-Marchisio
GU10DB SilverLakeAcademy-G10DB-COSENZA
GU10DW Arsenal-G10DW-Field
GU10E NoArlington-G10E-Gibbons
GU10F CougarUtd-G10F-Tejeda
GU11A Americans-GU11A-Vega
GU11B Bayonne-GU11B-Galano
GU11CB RiverDell-GU11CB-Nippes
GU11CW Mahwah-GU11CW-Monks
GU11DB Hackensack-GU11DB-Guima
GU11DW GlenRidge-GU11DW-Nix
GU11EB CliftonStallions-GU11EB-Cardillo
GU11EW Americans-GU11EW-Carrero
GU12A Warriors-GU12A-Castaneda
GU12B Maroons-GU12B-Myers
GU12C RamapoValley-GU12C-LazoCruz
GU12D Arsenal-GU12D-Sandt
GU12E NoRockland-GU12E-Piscopiello
GU12F Montclair-GU12F-Grbic
GU13A Maroons-GU13A-Winnert
GU13B Teaneck-GU13B-Almeida
GU13C Americans-GU13C-Mamunes
GU13DB RiverDell-13DB-Raimondi
GU13DW No. Arlington-13DW-Guerreiro
GU13E Rutherford-GU13E-Schmidt
GU14A Wayne-GU14A-Loffredo
GU14B Ajax-GU14B-Buttacavoli
GU14C Lyndhurst-GU14C-Tartaglia
GU14D Mahwah-GU14D-Schnall
GU15A Spartan-G15A-Cassesa
GU15B NoValley-G15B-Forcelati
GU15C RiverDell-G15C-Rodriguez
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