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NCSA Logo Design Contest
The NCSA is looking for a new logo and wants its players and families to be part of the process. Now that we are between NCSA seasons, it is a perfec... more
When parents pipe down children hit the right notes
By Jason Silva
Reprinted from Soccer America's Youth Soccer Insider

I am 40 yea... more
Players Mimic Coaches
Coaches Need to Control Themselves [Because] Players Mimic Coaches
By Randy Vogt

Reprinted from Soccer America
I have been a referee with the New York Metro Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NYMISOA) for the past three decades and look forward to receiving the 30-Year Service Award at the NYMISOA Awards Dinner on November 9. Also being honored are the most sporting college and junior college coaches in the New York City metro area as voted by our officials.

A generation ago, NYMISOA started this sportsmanship award. Every official at that time was sent a ballot. The instructions said to grade the coach of squads we officiated during the season on the scale of one to 10 -- one for none or a very small amount of sportsmanship and 10 for much sportsmanship.

I read the instructions incorrectly and started grading the players of the teams instead. After nearly completing the form, I realized my mistake so I crossed out my answers. In now grading the coaches, my points mimicked what I had written for the players of those teams. In nearly all cases, the points were exactly the same! So if I had given a seven for the players of State U., the coach received a seven as well. The voting format changed and the colleges were divided into three categories: men’s 4-year colleges, women’s 4-year colleges and 2-year junior colleges. The officials were asked to vote for the most sporting coach in each category. Since I collect the ballots no... more
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