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Why Small Sided Games at Older Levels?
Small-sided push from USSF promises long-term benefits
By Charlie Slagle
Reprinted from Soccer America
December 12, 2014

The U.S. Soccer Federation looks like it is getting ready to mandate small-sided games. My comment: what took you so long? Youth player development is, or at least should be, the goal of the soccer clubs in this country and playing with too many players on the field, on too large a field, shooting and goalkeeping with too large a goal, etc. are not achieving the desired result … player development.

The advantages of having fewer players on the field is that it will maximize the number of touches that each player might have during the game. It will, also, help diffuse any boredom that a player might have from not being as involved in the game. Remember, we are, also, trying to instill a love for the game with these young players that will last a lifetime. The gist is for players to learn the skills of the game and the more touches each player gets, the more skill development that can happen. The pros may play 11-v-11 but that isn’t what got the pros to their individual skill level. European clubs play small-sided games and it should be mandated here.

If you have fewer players on the field, then the field should be smaller or you lose the benefit of the small-sided competition. Playing on too large of a field allows for too much space for players thus negating the skill development of the players. On too large of a ... more
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