USSF/USCC Mandates - Fall 2017

USSFS / USCC Mandates – Being implemented Fall 2017:


Fall Team and Field ... more

Spring 2017 NCSA Cup
The 2017 NCSA Spring Cup is currently underway. Click here?A> for bracke... more
Spring 2017 Schedule Update
The schedule for the Spring season has been posted since mid-March.

There are still about 200 games that were originally listed as TBS ("to be scheduled") not yet scheduled by the teams. In addition, poor weather/field conditions have resulted in about another 300 games being postponed over the first 3 weeks. TBS games are marked with a parenthetical letter or letters to denote the reason the game is not currently scheduled (H=Home, V=Visitor, B=Both, R=Rain or Snow, SC=State Cup, NCC=NCSA Cup and a few others). There must be agreement of the teams to the rescheduled date and time. Unilateral selection of new date and time is not permitted in all of those TBS situations.

There are deadlines for scheduling TBS games, even though games may be played at any time before the end of the season. For those games marked TBS in the original schedule, the deadline was 2 weeks from the start of the season. Since many teams have not played games due to poor weather, we have not applied the fine for this failure to schedule games yet, but we will enforce it as of April 23.

Games which become TBS for reasons of weather or Cup conflict must be rescheduled within 2 weeks of the date on which the games were scheduled to be played. Again, they may be played at any time during the season. The only exception to the deadline for playing a game is in Matches Based on Standings flights (8 team flights where the final 3 games are based upon the results as of the en... more
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